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FacilityZone.com might serve industry well … but then, again, maybe not July 9, 2010

Posted by Bob Cook in Financial Planning & Analysis, Lease Accounting, Profession of Corporate Real Estate.

Like many in corporate real estate, I received an email announcing a new search engine, FacilityZone.com, which has a tagline: “The power of Google technology, results for facility professionals.   I took it for a drive and had mixed results… although, my criteria were, admittedly, a bit self-centered.

I tested the search engine by doing searches on both it and Google.com to see how the results differed.  My search terms were those near and dear to my heart.  Here’s the results…

Search: Lease Accounting

“Lease Accounting” (with no quotes) was my first test case.  On FacilityZone.com, lo and behold, the very first entry was “Tririga Webinar: The New Lease Accounting Standards and You” which links to registration for a webinar series that I have recently conducted for Tririga (and which can be heard/viewed on-demand on Tririga’s website).   When I entered the same search in Google.com, I couldn’t find the Tririga webinar anywhere on the first five pages.   I started getting excited about FacilityZone.com.

Search:  Corporate Real Estate Strategy Blog

I then wanted to see where this blog you are reading might show up.  I typed in “Corporate Real Estate Strategy Blog”  (again, with no quotes).  On FacilityZone.com, to my disappointment,  it did not appear at all on any of the four pages of results.  But when I did the same search on Google.com, this blog appeared at the top of the list.  Go figure.

Try your own tests.  I’d be interested in hearing the results.



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