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Eleven things I learned at the CorenetGlobal Summit in Phoenix September 23, 2010

Posted by Bob Cook in Alternative Workplace Strategies, Financial Planning & Analysis, Green Initiatives, Lease Accounting, Profession of Corporate Real Estate.

 1. 110 degrees doesn’t feel that bad in the shade.

2.  Face-to-face meetings are a nice complement to living “la vida webosphera”.

3.  Corenet Summits ain’t what they used to be, many long years ago… but…

4.  Even without Duck Soup, Summits are still pretty good.

5.  Topics presented in breakout sessions draw varying sizes of crowds.  My take:

6. “Alternative Workplace” is still in first place as a topic of interest to the most people.

7. “Career Planning” is close behind (perhaps because of all the members “in transition”)

8. “Green” is gaining ground fast and could overtake “Alternative Workplace” shortly, and …

9. “The New Lease Accounting”, while far behind (it wasn’t even given a prime time slot), is coming up fast (judging by the standing-room-only crowd at a 7:45 AM session on subject).

10. PHX is near the downtown convention center, allowing for a fast exit.

11.  Saguaro live to be 200 years old (according to art exhibit at PHX) and take ten years to grow one foot tall.


1. Cesar J. Chekijian, MCR - September 24, 2010

A CoreNet moment in history – The last time I participated in NACORE/CoreNet national conference in Phoenix was 27 years ago in June of 1983. Over 2,000 of us went to Rawhide for a BBQ one evening. They said it never rains in June. It poured “Cats , Dogs & Gators”. The scene of 2,000 people running to the buses with their food was wild.

2. Cesar J. Chekijian, MCR - September 24, 2010

P.S. I became a regular member of NACORE in 1977 and got my MCR in 1980. Anyone out there from that period, would love to hear from you.

Sharon Barrett - October 18, 2010

CoreNet has been a great resource for me over the years for learning. Although the Summits are busy with many presentations, it is the one-on-one with the talented individuals that has been most beneficial. Someone who is willing to spend the time and money to be part of this organization wants to be a better professional. Each person has interesting stories and I have found that most people are willing to share their information and to show you what they are doing. Innovators are all around us in CoreNet and many of them are below the radar. I have met some of the smarted people in the industry at CoreNet. My best to you as you navigate the organization. I hope your experiences are worthwhile.

3. Kevin Kearns - September 24, 2010

As a young corporate RE professional I would love to hear comments on the value of CoreNet, it’s education, designations and the summitt’s for young professionals.


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