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Entertainment by CoStar March 16, 2010

Posted by Bob Cook in Financial Planning & Analysis.
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Today, I’ve been watching what-CoStar-bills-as “The First Ever Real-Time View of the Commercial Real Estate Market”. It’s a relaxing bit of entertainment… something like watching a fish tank — or maybe watching a Lava Lamp is more apt. Blue, green and red dots fade-in and then fade-out on a map of the U.S. Green = locations of available properties added to CoStar’s database; Blue = locations of searches of CoStars database; and Red = locations of actual deals added to database. You see lot’s of greens and blues; not so many reds.

As I watch it, annother (a bit darker) analogy springs to mind: it’s like watching a big “Dr-Strangelove-era” map on the wall at NORAD and seeing ICBM’s blowing up key American cities.

I’m not sure the real-time map is all that informative, though. It’s the usual suspects that get “blown up” the most: New York, Washington DC, Chicago, LA, San Francisco, etc. Outside of seeing how late the folks on the East Coast work (New York keeps getting blown up way past normal working hours), I didn’t gleen much useful info from the map.

It is entertaining, though, and good for a mid-afternoon diversion occassionally.